You’ve been cooking scrambled eggs wrong….


Those who know me know that I can’t cook scrambled eggs… whenever I do, they become dry, clumpy and tasteless (and usually burned). This morning, whilst I was thinking about making myself some breakfast burritos, I felt that I would need to face my fear and make scrambled eggs to complete my burrito.

I came across this video by Gordon Ramsay (my favourite celeb chef!) and tried it his way…. it makes a WORLD of difference! Its a little more work but the end result is so delicious it makes you wonder why you ever cooked scrambled eggs the way you used to.

By the way, I skipped out on the creme fraiche since I didnt have any at home. It still turned out wonderful!


Adventure Time Bacon Pancakes


So I was browsing around YouTube last night and came across this video:

I couldn’t help but realize that I REALLY wanted bacon pancakes so I decided to take matters into my own hands. After Google-ing a bunch of photos of how people have attempted these pancakes I quickly realized that I could  make my own version rather than attempt to copy awkward teenagers’ interpretations of what could possibly be the greatest thing to happen to breakfast since Gay Brunch.

This is just one of many burnt bacon pancakes…. Source –





Budget: Is bacon on sale?


Real Bacon Bits (get this from an actual butcher — should be like $2-$3CDN)

Maple Smoked Bacon

Complete Buttermilk Pancake Batter (Just add water) [Side note: I was going to put an actual from scratch recipe but realized aint nobody got time for that.]


1. Fry the bacon bits till they’re crispy morsels of heaven.Bacon Bits

2. Follow pancake directions, then add bacon bits to the batter. I added about 2 TBLSP of maple syrup to add a bit of depth to the flavourIMG_4335

3. Cut the bacon in half then fry it to desired crispy-ness


4. Ladle batter thinly onto the skillet, place two pieces of bacon in the middle then ladle another layer of batter on top covering the bacon.


5. Sing the Adventure Time Song  while taking a moment to flip and cook, then eat the delicious pancake

Bacon Pancakes with an Egg and some Fruit.

Learning how to shuck oysters….


As I was walking home tonight after work, I noticed that I haven’t tried out LaPointe Fish Market which is really close to my house. I was greeted with wonderful staff, and decided to buy some Ontario Rainbow Trout. While talking to the staff they told me to try out the Blackberry Point Oysters that they had on special, I thought it was a great idea and asked them the basics of shucking an oyster….this is what resulted.