Game of Thrones Feast (season premiere party)

Originally I wanted to make a Graham Cracker remake of Winterfell but I decided to keep that as a season finale project. Today instead, I will be making a Dragon Roast (beef shoulder roast) on a bed of Fossilized Dragon Eggs (Purple, white and red mini potatoes) wrapped in Boar Bacon (its actually Boar Bacon) with a Red Wine and Mead sauce / gravy. 

Here’s what I have so far:

Started out with some fresh and local ingredients from Ontario and Canada —


Purple, red and white potatoes Celery, thyme, crimini mushrooms, red onions, Purple, orange and white carrots.


Double Smoked Bacon , Shoulder (chuck) Roast from Aubrey’s Meats [my favourite butcher in Ottawa]


I made a simple mirepoix to start a great aromatic base for my roast to rest in while cooking.


I then jazzed it up with some mushrooms, ground red, white and green peppercorns, and added salt, thyme and olive oil.


I used Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Cabernet and Modena Balsamic as Cooking Liquids along with a simple chicken broth.


I then layered the bacon ontop of the roast (which I have cut into triangles for scales) in a ‘scale’ like fashion to add to the dragon theme — this can work out to be awesome, or it can look terrible after its cooked. I figured the bacon will curl and look pretty badass as it dries and crisps up… only time will tell.


I am currently working on a drink called WildFire but that will be for next week.