You’ve been cooking scrambled eggs wrong….


Those who know me know that I can’t cook scrambled eggs… whenever I do, they become dry, clumpy and tasteless (and usually burned). This morning, whilst I was thinking about making myself some breakfast burritos, I felt that I would need to face my fear and make scrambled eggs to complete my burrito.

I came across this video by Gordon Ramsay (my favourite celeb chef!) and tried it his way…. it makes a WORLD of difference! Its a little more work but the end result is so delicious it makes you wonder why you ever cooked scrambled eggs the way you used to.

By the way, I skipped out on the creme fraiche since I didnt have any at home. It still turned out wonderful!


the after date Breakfast


the after date Breakfast

You know that moment where the person next to you expects breakfast? And here you are thinking to yourself — I guess I can slap together some scrambled eggs and cheese and make an omelette — then all of a sudden, you’re alone?

Well here is the solution! (This is also delicious if you are alone anyways)

Here is a simple, sexy way to wake up.

There are 6 ingredients to this 350 calorie breakfast.

2 Eggs (per serving)
Baker’s bread (or you can use WonderBread but that’s not very sexy)
Baby Spinach (I just buy the salad, its great for multiple types of meals)
Herbs (dill, basil, oregano — you can use whatever you like)
REAL bacon bits (you can get this at a local butcher, or you can buy it from a grocer — make sure its not the artificial crap)

Fruit (figs are sexy — but oranges are just as sweet)



1. In a non stick pan, fry the eggs together with a tiny bit of oil to prevent sticking. You can use a 250ml non stick sauce pan to make it easier (I bought mine at Walmart for $5) . While the eggs are cooking, sprinkle your herbs on top of the eggs.

2. While eggs are cooking, toast bread. I like to use a Toaster, I’m fancy.

3. Find a Clean plate and set the toast in the middle, lay the spinach on top of the toast and drizzle a tiny bit of salad dressing of your choice on the leaves.

4. Place fried eggs ontop of the spinach

5. Place bacon bits on top of the eggs

6. Slice fruit and place it around the toast as seen in the picture.

7. If you have Balsamic glaze (about $5 from the grocer for a bottle that will last you awhile) drizzle it on top of the fruit and around the plate in a circular fashion.

8. Be sexy.

And there you have it! the Sexy breakfast of Champions (and third dates)