Not Another Stir Fry….

After a looooong and interesting day in class, I decided to cook most of the produce that was about to go bad in my fridge. I doubt students anyone in general wants to do the typical stirfry solution. The goal of this blog is to prove that good food isnt a far off dream to students, professionals, or anyone who has a time crunch.


Type: Budget |Time Saver

Cost: Less Than $6 for Two servings

Time: Less Than 30 Minutes

Main Ingredients: Chicken Thighs, Okra, Red and Yellow Peppers. 



I pan seared two boneless chicken thighs and seasoned it with basil, olive oil and lemon juice with a small amount blend spices.


I pan fried okra using a small amount of butter, garam masala, pink himalayan salt, and pink and black peppercorns. 


With some of the jus from the chicken, I created a sauce using basil, white VQA wine (reisling) and creme.




Finally, I chopped up some red and yellow bell peppers and tossed them with a little bit of salt and pepper with some white wine (reisling).







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