Allow me to introduce myself…

Why hello there. I’m glad you have taken the time to stumble upon this little blog. My name is Christiane, and I am passionate about delicious and local food. I have spent that last ten years experimenting in the kitchen with different spices, herbs and ingredients to create food using what was readily available. This would be usually occur when trying to create dishes with whatever was in the fridge.

I grew up with the head to tail philosophy on food from my parents and try to use as much as I can and waste as little as possible (although I still have a bit of trouble eating pig face).  My cultural background is a mix of Filipino, Chinese and Canadian and all three cooking styles have merged into what I loosely call a technique I use to cook (such as my fried eggs which I usually cook using the Peking duck method of frying).

The goal of this space is to showcase the wonderful ingredients that are grown in and around the area that I am in, wherever that may be at the time. I try to limit the distance to the usual 100KM radius, favouring local farmers produce, dairy and protein.

There are a few reasons why I think it’s important to utilize local ingredients. Firstly, it helps  the farmers’ and local food economy — which I will probably expand on in the future. Secondly, its FRESH FRESH FRESH, thirdly it is also typically healthier and often tastier than mass produced foods.

On this blog, you will see different dishes that I have cooked, local restaurants that everyone should try and of course, local beer, spirit and wine reviews from myself and friends’ local cuisine from around the world.

Current Local Zone:

Ottawa,Gatineau and surrounding suburbs. Here is a local map.

I hope you enjoy the ride!


Christiane J


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